Monday, November 14, 2016


Mariana Mazzucato in The Guardian: He’s right, the economy is sick – and businesses like Trump’s are part of the disease. "The shareholder value revolution of the 80s created a corporate governance model that rewards quarterly returns over investments in the productive capacity of companies. Companies increasingly spend their profits, now at record levels, on buying back shares in order to boost stock prices, stock options and executive pay. This has led to a financialised economy, which many of Trump’s policies – including a lowering of corporate income tax – will only worsen."

Economics, Ideology, and Trump. "The extent to which economic insecurity in the US and the UK is driven by globalisation versus policy is still under discussion – my answer would be that it is a combination of both – but the skill-biased technical change hypothesis looks to be a dead end – and a costly one at that." Heavy-duty analysis of the economics of austerity.

Simon Wren-Lewis. The Austerity Con.

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