Thursday, November 24, 2016



How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic
How does Donald Trump lie? (The Guardian)

Fact-checking is great and everything, but we need to think more seriously about how to challenge a self-sustaining reality. What do we do when every graph or chart or whatever can be matched by something saying the opposite? How do you reach out to somebody who really, really wants to believe something that almost certainly isn't true?

Fake news:

Trump's fake-news presidency
Top 20 fake news stories

Not to get too postmodern here, but how do you deal with the fact that the non-fake news is often pretty fake? How do you draw the distinction? Is it about drawing distinctions, or is it about something else?

Quick questions about reality:

Have left wing accounts of ideology / false consciousness / consensus reality / social construction / whatever been successfully captured and weaponized by the right?

How does social justice politics reconcile these two things?
(a) a healthy and productive suspicion of one's own perspectives
(b) honoring lived experience

Climate change:

Slate on Trump's plan to eliminate NASA climate research

BTW: how does "the raising of the seas" bite you as a useful synonym for "climate change"?

Technology, virality, oral culture, gamification, etc.

Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age


2011 Demos report about 'digital fluency'

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