Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Anti-Trump Masterpost at Quantum Displacement.

Reddit. (And here).

An article by Lauren Dockett at the Washington Post about surviving this Thanksgiving. Lots of useful and interesting stuff in here, although it might be worth challenging some of the assumptions. Maybe for some people, trying their best to be happy with their family and loved ones this Thanksgiving isn't what they really want to be doing.

"It’s important to remember that politicians come and go, but these people will still be your family a generation or two from now." Uh-uh, no way. Families do break up, get estranged. That sucks but so does Trump. So does the normalization of Trumpism. So does racism, class war, misogyny, authoritarian populism, fascism. Shit is real. Better to regret the way we said something, than to regret not saying something at all. (Easy for me to say, of course).

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